DIY Leaf Mask

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2 febrero, 2018
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28 marzo, 2018

Since our students are going on the summer camp we are organizing, we decided to make our own leaf masks and little by little get ready for it. They are very easy to make and a must have for any of the Lost Boys living in Neverland.

For those who could not make it on time for the class, you will only need:

  • Leaves of various sizes, shapes and colours.
  • Thin cardboard to make the mask itself or a thicker cardboard mask (you will easily find one in any Chinese shop in Spain).
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue, glue stick and tape

Step one:

Preserve your leaves or not. If you do not preserve them, keep in mind that your leaves will get crunchy and will not look the same later on. Here is a video to watch if you want to preserve your leaves.

Step two:

Draw a mask shape on your cardboard and cut it out or take your cardboard mask.

Step three:

Add strings to each side with a simple knot. If you have a bought a carboard mask, you may not have to add strings.

Step four:

Using a glue stick for the smallest and thinnest leaves will be enough but you can also stick the driest, thickest and biggest ones with some tape. There is no need for children or adults to use hot glue.

Step five:

Put it on and become the Lost Boy or Girl of your choice!

Can’t wait to see you at the camp!