Professional team

Professional team


T he brainchild of Elena M. Cornet back in 2011, EMC Traducciones is first and foremost a team of professionals from Spain and around the world who got together while training as part of the European Master’s in Translation at the University of Salamanca (Spain), as well as translating and proofreading in their work placements at institutions such as UNAIDS, ACNUR, ACAF and UMOYA.

In order to meet our first clients’ linguistic needs, providing responses to their multilingual projects and meeting the quality requirements laid down by international and European organizations at any time, Elena decided to gather her translation classmates at the end of their training period in Salamanca to respond to this demand. This decision resulted in a permanent team of translators on whom EMC Traducciones can rely.


The best collaborators

Today, 16 translators, interpreters, proofreaders, teachers, editors and designers work together as part of our permanent team and contribute their expertise and linguistic advice based on their field of specialization, working languages, mother tongue and experience of work and life around the globe.

Each of them has a key role in running the company. Although we have been based in Murcia (Spain) since 2012 and have some key collaborators based in other parts of Spain (Salamanca, Valladolid, Pontevedra, Granada and Madrid), our main characteristic is the fact that our translators live and work all around the world, including France, the UK, Morocco and Italy.

There is no doubt that the linguistic wealth that all these young and enterprising translators, proofreaders and interpreters have to offer is the reason why EMC Traducciones is performing so well. Thanks to their work, together they make communication and good understanding happen between people and companies who speak different languages in a global world in which languages no longer necessarily mean a gap between cultures.

Even so, aware of its limitations, EMC Traducciones is also committed to always finding the most suitable professional for our clients. In the event that we do not have the right translator or interpreter available because they do not work to or from the languages we specialize in, EMC Traducciones works to find the most appropriate professionals, provided they meet the minimum quality requirements we require of all our collaborators.

Elena Martínez Cornet

Spanish - French - English - Italian

Director and project manager
Translator, proofreader and interpreter. Specialist in medical and legal translation. English and French teacher and head of studies.

Enrique Íñiguez

Spanish - English - Catalan - Modern Greek

Sworn English translator, proofreader and interpreter.

Marina Durá

Spanish - English - German

Sworn translator, proofreader and interpreter.

Joaquín Martínez

English - Spanish

Sworn translator

María Jesús Fernández

Spanish – English

Translator. Specialist in technical, legal, administrative and literature translation.

Ana González

Spanish - French

French sworn translator, proofreader and interpreter.

Alejandro Lapeña

French - Spanish

Portuguese, French and Spanish translator and interpreter, specializing in translating plays.

Katie Newton

English – Spanish

Translator and proofreader.
Expert in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Karima Chouhou

Arabic - French - Spanish - English

Translator, proofreader and interpreter.

Magdalena Harasiewicz

Polish - Spanish

Translator, proofreader and interpreter specializing in legal and touristic translation.

Alina Petryk

Russian – Ukrainian - Spanish - English

Translator and proofreader specialising in literature and legal translation.

César Pardo

Italian - English - Spanish - Portuguese

A translator and expert in economic-financial, marketing and touristic translation.

Sandra Delgado

Italian - Spanish

Proofreader, editor and documentalist.

Héctor Gómez

Mandarin – English - Spanish

Translator and interpreter

Yaling Xie

Mandarin – English - Spanish

Translator and interpreter

Mariano Montesinos


Editor and Graphic Designer