Typographical syntax correction and revision gives greater quality to the translations requested by our clients as well as to their papers and projects in their own language. This lends our partners’ image greater integrity while having a positive impact on their clients and third parties.

Given the importance of good correction and revision of your project’s documents, EMC Traducciones can count on a permanent team of expert native proofreaders and linguistic advisers specialising in different types of texts and fields of expertise in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian.

What is proofreading?


Proofreading means revising and correcting the writing of a text or publication, a task which can only be carried out by professional linguists with a perfect command of the language in which the text has been written, whether it is their first or second language (bilingual).

In other words, a proofreader is a linguist whose first language is the one in which the text to be proofread is written in, or the target language in the case of a translation. In the latter case, the proofreader must master the two languages and have the same level of proficiency in both.

When is it advisable to proofread?



Before publishing a text or handing it over to be evaluated, it must always be proofread. Publications, PhD theses and master’s degree final dissertations are usually proofread more thoroughly, as well as novels and literary works intended for publication, all kinds of translations into any language, letters in a language that the client does not know very well, etc.

It is advisable for another professional to proofread the text, since a second professional reader is more likely to detect any error the original author might have missed, whether it is an orthographic, terminological, punctuation or style mistake.

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