Summer Camp

Information for parents

How to get to the camp

The camp will be held in Finca Caruana, located in Sierra Espuña, the southernmost mountain range in the Baetic System in Spain. Finca Caruana is only 5 km from Aledo, a village close to the camp on the MU-503 road heading to the town of Bullas. You can see a yellow chapel right by the turn-off.

GPS coordinates: N 37º 49.464 W 1º 36.003


Upon arrival on Sunday, 12th July 2020, the participants will be welcomed from 10 to 11 a.m. at Finca Caruana.

The camp will end on Saturday, 18th July 2020, at 11 a.m. in Finca Caruana.


Early Bird: €275
If you sign up before 12th April 2020.

Full price: €295
If you sign up between 13th April and 10th July 2020.

Full language immersion

Given the nature of such a full language immersion camp, all the activities will be conducted in English, allowing our young participantes to develop their skills in a more engaging and enjoyable way. The minimum recommended level children should have is A1/A2 (Movers), so they can easily interact with their classmates and in order to fully integrate them into the activities.

All the instructors in charge are bilingual, and they will speak English throughout the week, except in the case of an emergency, where they will communicate in Spanish with the children.

Programme and activities

During the summer camp, there will be games, workshops, treasure hunts, escape rooms, Cluedo, newspaper, outdoor summer night games, adventure activities such as a zip-line, white water rafting, a swimming pool, and more.

Since this is an English camp, the groups will be arranged according to age and English level, and the students will attend an English class every morning for 1 hour and a half. Their daily lessons will help them brush up on what they have learned during the academic year at EMC Traducciones, and they will also learn new vocabulary related to the activities and games planned for the camp. They will thus be able to understand any instructions given by their instructors more easily and they will have the chance to put some of the grammar and vocabulary learned each day into practice.

A short hiking and a biouvac camping have been planned for one of the evenings.

Excursion to Blanca: White Water Rafting

During the week, we will go on an excursion to Blanca, where we will go rafting down the Segura river. We will set off in the morning. A bus will take us from the camp to Blanca, where a company specialized in rafting and from this area will be waiting for us. We will have lunch in Blanca and go back to the camp in te afternoon.

Phone calls

Every child will be able to call their parents during their stay. An instructor will be in charge of making the calls and then will pass the phone onto the children. Such calls will be made during their free time, after lunch and dinner, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. and from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. approximately. Calling during these timings can allow all of the children to talk to their parents without interrupting their lunch time. Phone calls will be made starting on the second day of the summer camp.

Our aim is to make sure that all children make the most of this experience and that there is a nice atmosphere. Therefore, if required, other than calling you during those timings, we will call you immediately to give you further information on the matter or for you to speak to your child. Also, in the case of an emergency, if one of the parents requires to talk to their children, the Finca Caruana phone line will be available (968 48 46 21) and we will put you through to the camp coordinator.


In order to help children avoid losing their pocket money in the tents or around the camp, and so they don’t spend it all in one day, we will set up a bank for children who may take some money out to pay for ice cream, fizzy drinks, souvenirs, etcetera. The instructors will safeguard the participants’ money, so the children can take some out during the breaks after lunch and dinner at the restaurant.

Mobile phones

It is not recommended that students bring their mobile phones to the camp. As with money, the instructors will put away the children’s mobile phones if they bring any, and will give them back to them during the breaks after lunch and dinner.


We recommend parents and children pack the child’s suitcase together. This is not only exciting for them, since children usually can’t wait to go to the camp, but it is also instructive as they learn to take responsibility for their belongings. Also, it helps them recognize their belongings, know what they are taking to the camp, what for and where to find them in their suitcase.


Children will sleep in A-frame tents with mattresses for four children. There are showers, toilets, sports facilities, special areas for workshops and other activities, and a swimming pool that children can use every day in the morning and in the afternoon.


All of the instructors (one instructor per ten children) will stay with the children all day long and sleep in the same camping area as the children. They will be the same individuals in charge of carrying out all the activities and workshops.

Insurance, qualifications and professional experience

The fees include accident insurance, civil liability insurance and activities for all the participants.
All the instructors are qualified members of our staff with years of experience working with children, carrying out after-school activities, going on camps and doing multi-adventure activities. Furthermore, the teacher who will accompany the children on this camp is a qualified TEFL English teacher.
Finca Caruana has been holding camps and working on outdoor and free-time activities for more than 25 years.