Writing challenge I: a letter for your lover on Valentine’s Day!

Nuestros planes de enero y para el 2017
5 enero, 2017
Nuestros planes de febrero
1 febrero, 2017

Welcome to our first writing challenge!

We’d been waiting too long already, but it’s about time we had our first writing challenge. Each candidate (former and current students from age 6 to adults) will be able to participate by giving us or sending us their Valentine’s letters. The only requirement is that candidates must not write the name of the receiver.

Valentine’s letters will be given points for:

  • original content (poetry can be written too)
  • format of the letter
  • grammar and vocabulary
  • craft and materials used to make the card
  • drawings and illustrations included.

All of our candidate are allowed 10 days to hand their letters in, which means that our Valentine’s deadline is set on 10 February 2017. 

Candidates can give us their cards in class or send them to: C/Santa Cecilia, Edificio Santa Cecilia, 2ºBis, 3ºD 30107 Guadalupe – Murcia (Spain). If they prefer, students can also send their letters to info@emctraducciones.com or via our Facebook page.